Is There a Bat Flying in Your House or Bedroom?

Do you have a bat in the house. Juveniles are taking flight and losing their way in your living quarters. Keep in mind: The bat wants out just as much as you want it out. The bat is disoriented and lost. The bat is not trying to attack you. They can bite if handled or cornered. Only a small percentages of bats carry rabies. If you capture the bat have it tested. 

How to Get Rid of Bats in the House and in the Attic?

Bats are excluded from your home or attic through a live exclusion process.  This is done by bat proofing your home with screen, caulking, caps, etc. Also a one-way trap door is installed at the entry point so the bats can get out but not get back in. We are not exterminators or a bat pest control company. We strictly and proudly only use poison free bat control methods. When thinking of exterminator or pest control company we urge you to think of the humane method for bat removal. Bats are protected both federally and in the state of Michigan. No ultrasonic, high frequency device, or bat repellent will get rid of your bats nor keep them out. Moth balls or "bat away" never works. In fact it is harmful to have in your attic or home. FTC gives a warning on the use of ultrasonic pest control devices. 

Hearing Scratching in the Attic?

If your hearing scratching in your ceiling or walls you may think it's a mouse. Chances are you are hearing the sound of bat claws on your drywall. Bats like very warm spaces therefore underneath your insulation and down your walls is the perfect spot. Bats in Michigan are dwelling bats so they roost in caves or cave like structures. Your attic is set up like an artificial cave, a perfect environment. Bats are nocturnal mammals, so  the sounds you hear at night are bats coming and going to feast on mosquitoes. Bat removal and bat exclusion work is essential because bats carey many diseases like rabies. Their droppings (bat guano) can cause lung infection diseases like histoplasmosis. When the tiny little fungi spores become airborne they cling to dust and particles moving through your ventilation throughout your house.

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We are a small locally owned and operated Bloomfield Hills based pest control and bat removal company. We are proud members of Bat Conservation International. Because of the demand for bat removal in all areas of Bloomfield, MI we have expanded outside our normal Bloomfield service route.  Cities including West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Twp., Birmingham, and surrounding areas. We have provided bat removal and bird control services for 15 plus years. We are a humane exterminator company, specializing in poison free solutions and nest relocation.  All of our wildlife removal services are done by live exclusions through a one way door system or trap and relocation. We have successfully completed thousands of bat eviction and other pest control jobs and  guarantee all of our work.Once the bats are excluded,  we perform all the necessary wildlife proofing repairs to prevent the bats and other wildlife pest from returning.  Bats and other critters can cause great damage to your attic and become a health hazard.  Attic restoration or clean up of damaged insulation is highly recommended to get your attic to its correct condition. Bat guano (their feces) carry a wide range of bacteria and fungi spores which can become airborne if not treated correctly. We are certified, licensed, and insured bat removal specialists. Our service area is expanding through out Michigan. 

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Our wildlife control services offer innovative solutions to solve any nuisance animal pest. Including rodent control, attic restoration, bird removal, squirrel control and all other wildlife removal services. 

We have more than 15 years of experience in the wildlife control industry. We have serviced the Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Twp. and West Bloomfield, MI area since the beginning. We service the entire state of Michigan for Bat Control. 

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