Professional Bat Removal and Control

We have been providing bat control services for over 14 years. 

  • Live Bat Exclusions

  • Bat Prevention

  • Bat Proofing

  • Bat Exterminator Poison Free

  • Bat Guano Clean Up Services

  • Commercial Bat Control

  • More

Bird Removal and Control

Solving bird problems both residential and commercial

  • Exhaust vent Repairs

  • Bird Exclusions

  • Bird Prevention

  • Nest Removal

  • Bird Trapping

  • Attic Decontamination

  • More

Attic Restoration and Decontamination

Bat guano and animal waste removal. Attic decontamination services. 

  • Insulation Removal

  • Attic Decontamination

  • Re-Insulate

  • Add Insulation

  • Odor Control

  • Sanitize

  • More

Poison Free Mice Control

Learn about our specialized mice control program. We do not use poisons from mice removal

  • Mice Trapping

  • Mice Exclusions

  • Mice Prevention

  • Mice Infestations

  • Attic Clean Outs

  • Home Inspections

  • More

Pest Control Services

Wildlife Control Specialists

We use only the most humane and innovated techniques to remove unwanted pest from your home.

We are not your everyday animal trappers. We use many different ways and solutions to solve nuisance wildlife. Trapping can be effective, but often times it takes more than just trapping and relocating animals to solve a pest problem. keeping them out for good is the best method to the wildlife control industry.

Animal Removal in Bloomfield Hills